The maker behind off lines: Christophe Chayriguet is an analog storage media designer: His handmade aide-mémoire in notepad and note holder form are individual as well as quality products. Through his background as a product manager in the consumer goods industry, Christophe developed practical helpers that are based on the self-management method GTD and in addition, it makes daily life simpler: Go off lines now!





The leather pad from off lines is a handmade and tangible notepad made from leather for our ever-changing world of smart phones, speed and stress. If you are full of thoughts and they are threatening to fall into oblivion, this notepad offers something you can hold on to and with which one can keep his thoughts.

The notepad is just as unique and self-made like your thoughts: Thanks to its unique and practical shape, the notepad fits into any pocket, it contains just the amount of pages that you really need and it can be refilled at any time.


Minimalism for maximum functionality is the concept behind our off lines Paperstation: A modest, beautifully shaped wooden block from oiled solid wood that does not only provide an exclusive eye-catching design, but also calm and minimization. The notepad is held by two shiny metal bars embedded into the block. The form becomes the carrier of information and off lines will be further carried in the truest sense, because the pages were designed for the mobile off lines pad. The holder also acts as a stationary refill station.




Orders that are received by snail mail will be rewarded with a 10% discount. We are after all off lines.

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